Simply Decorated Cakes

6 inch $55
(8-10 serves) 

8 inch $70
(15-20 serves) 

*No specific decorations or changes can be made to these.

Flavours available:

Chocolate mud 
Red Velvet 
Lemon Coconut
Vegan chocolate 
Gluten free chocolate 
Dairy free chocolate 
Dairy free vanilla 

Fillings available:

Vanilla butter cream
Vegan buttercream 
White chocolate ganache 
Milk chocolate ganache 

*All fillings are Gluten free 


Mini cupcakes $1.60
Basic cupcakes $3.50
(includes basic piping/decorations)
Decorated cupcakes from $4

*Choose any flavour from our long list of cake flavours!

Baked Cheesecake 

6 inch $35
(8-10 serves)

8 inch $45
(15-20 serves)

10 inch $55
(27-35 serves) 

Standard Cheesecake

6 inch $30
(8-10 serves)

8 inch $40
(15-20 serves)

10 inch $50
(27-35 serves)

Flavours (baked or regular)
Classic Vanilla 
White Chocolate 
Milk Chocolate 
Passion Fruit
Lemon Citrus 
Mixed Berry 


Mini tarts $2.50
(1 serve)

Medium tart: $4.50
(1-2 serves)

Large tart $30
(Serves 8-12) 


Custard Tart
Lemon Meringue 
Raspberry Chocolate 
Rich Chocolate 
Black Forrest  
Caramel Chocolate 
Pineapple Citrus White Chocolate
Toffee Apple 
Caramel Banana 

*we have recipes to  make all of these either dairy, egg or gluten free as well as vegan (including vegan meringue!)


Sugar cookie $1.50
Decorated cookie from $3

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