Our Story 

From a young age I always had a passion for creating sweet indulgent treats and later in life it turned into a chef career.

Whilst an apprentice I would spend hours learning new recipes and creating artistic special occasion cakes for family and friends any chance I got. 

This passion took a back seat the day I found out I was pregnant. When my two kids grew up I began to have friends and family asking me to make creative cakes for birthdays. My passion was ignited with a vengeance and I dove deeper then ever before into the artistic and tasty world of cake decorating. 

Having a daughter that suffered from a severe nut allergy was a huge struggle at times. It can be hard finding food and even worse, desserts, that she could safely eat. We take pride in the fact we can now offer safe, stress free dessert for everyone else with allergies and intolerance's, because we understand just how hard it can be!

We are Located at: 2 Rome Road, Alfred Cove, WA 6154

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